ClicTruck – Taking New Order and Assigning Driver / Truck

Taking New Orders

Step 1. Login to with company that already registered, and click on the Marketplace.

Step 2. To view the container details, click Details below container.

Step 3. To accept on the preferred order click Accept.

Step 4. If the order successfully accepted, notification shall appear on the top corner right.

My Job

After taking job from marketplace, all job will be saved on my job. Here, user able to assign the driver, download PO, checking the status of the order and such.

Step 1. Click My Job on the side menu bar on the left

Step 2. Here to indicate the status of each order.

Assign Driver

Step 1. Click My Order, then click Accepted.

Step 2. Click Assign on the chosen order.

Step 3. Assign the order to the truck, container, and preferred driver.

Step 4. After the order has successfully assigned, the success notification shall appear on the top right corner, and the order status shall change to On Going.

Step 5. The assigned driver still needs to scan the barcode of the order, by clicking Details  on the selected order.

Step 6. Then click on the Truck and Driver tab, and download the document by clicking Print Assign.

Step 7. Then the driver shall proceed to scan the barcode to start the order.


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