ClicVessel – Request Shipment offer many feature for their user, one of them is booking vessel. For booking vessel, these are the steps:

Step 1. Click Request Shipment on the left menu bar.

Step 2. Select Export on the Action Type field.

Step 3. Select Ocean Freight on the Freight Mode.

Step 4. Select preferred move type.

Step 5. Thick on the box ClicVessel on the select transaction.

Step 6. Click Next to proceed to the form.

Step 7. User will be directed to Booking Request page. In here, user will input all the data that required for book a vessel.

Booking Request

Step 8. Click Full Container Loaded on the Select Shipment Type field.

Step 9. Select preferred product type.

Step 10. User can either Download the Excel Table or Upload by click these button.

Step 11. To add more container, click this button.

Step 12. To add more cargo, click this button.

Step 13. To delete cargo or container click button – depends on the section.

Step 14. Select type of container on the field Container Type.

Step 15. Input Shipping Schedule, Vessel, and Voyage. Please take a note if user still looking for Vessel’s schedule, user can use Find Shipment Schedule feature instead.

Step 16. Key in remaining fields required, then click Next.

Step 17. Review all information

Step 18. Click Add Document to upload document, click Create Order to submit.

Step 19. Job Number will be generated indicating the order has been created.

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