ClicDO – Request an Order

Step 1. Click request shipment and click import on the action type.

Step 2. Click ocean freight type on the freight mode.

Step 3. Click port of loading to door type on move type.

Step 4. Click clic do online on the select transaction.

Step 5. Click next

Step 6. Choose DO shipping line

Step 7. Key in DO shipping line email address

Step 8. Key in place of receipt

Step 9. Key in port of loading

Step 10. Key in place of discharge

Step 11. Key in all information on the requestor section.

Step 12. Key in all information on the consignee section.

Step 13. Click Next.

Step 14. Click add document to upload document.

Step 15. Select preferred document type.

Step 16. Key in document number.

Step 17. Set document date.

Step 18. Click choose file to upload file

Step 19. Key in port of discharge.

Step 20. Key in NPWP (tax number)

Step 21. Click add file to finish the process.

Step 22. After all document finished uploaded, click create order

Step 23. Job number will appear indicating the order has been successfully created.

Step 24. Click shipment management.

Step 25. Click on the preferred transaction.

Step 26. After proforma invoice appeared on the status, payment tab will appear

Step 27. Click payment tab them click complete payment to start the payment.

Step 28. Choose preferred payment method and click confirm to proceed

Step 29. Status will change after payment confirmed.

Step 30. To download DO Document click document tab, click download button on DO.

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